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A <b>Humble</b> Tour

Snore App!

Photo of the Processing library I used.

Hi! I am going to share you a very cool app I did a year ago. Let me contextualized it: My father snores a lot, a lot, so I wanted to create an app that could record all the “snoring” data and make a graph of time (x axis) and snore intensity (y axis). Here is the code (I like google dirve ok?):

In the app there are a lot of refences to the word RONC whis means snore in Catalan, sorry 🙂

PD: Google didn’t allow me to publish it because the inefficient and desastrous use of the smartphone battery, I haven’t learnt app optimization yet ;).

I thing the key element here is the library I used called: android_fft, it gives java very amazing features to do sound analysis! Check it out.