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A <b>Humble</b> Tour

Coding the tracker:

Oh! I forgot to tell you the motor name that I used in the post “Let’s track the stars”: MOT-0006 BricoGeek

My engine has 200 steps per spin that due to the cogs become 5350 steps per spin. I use the
Arduino to send pulses to the controller and set the delays to change the speed.
To calculate the delays, here it is an example with the sidereal velocity:
1.27 mm per minute · 5350 steps per spin = 6794.5 steps per minute
6794.5 steps per minute / 60 = 113.24 steps per second
1000000 microseconds / 113.24 steps per second = 1 step every 8830.8 microseconds.
I found a trial program in a webpage, and I adapted it to my needs. These are the programs I
use to move my tracker: (I lost my code, so I just add here an image of it):