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A <b>Humble</b> Tour

Building a stratospheric ballon.


Believe me when I say I tried to rotate the image

Some friends and I decided to built a stratospheric ballon. In the next post I will focus on the experiment we conducted at 28km of altitude, but on this one I will talk about the process of build. The take off was last week, so we are still analysing the results.


We calculated the trajectory with Make sure to calculate the trajectory just before take off, beacuse the wind data changes very quickly.



Another important think is the GPS, a lot of people freaks out by it. If you do not have a good GPS, (our case) just put a old phone in the ballon with an app called CEBERUS, that let you see the GPS position of the phone! Oh, think about the battery. At -40 degrees Celsius, the phone battery is nearly non-existent, buy an external one.



There are a lot of guides on internet on how to build one of these but I want to give some personal tips:

– The walls of the porexpan cube have to be very thick, they will certainly break.


– What you think it glues on earth will not glue anymore at 28 km of altitude.

– Termic shielding! Shield all the electronics because of: Radiation and Cold.


– Think carefully of what kind of knot you will do on the helium ballon.



– Take with you a lot of duct tape.


After 6 hour of search trought a forest 200 km away from the starting point, we found the cube! :