Idea: Analysing the Shadow blister effect

I desperately need a new Arduino UNO board (my old one burned wile recording UV levels outside (I live in Spain, pretty sunny)) <- Wait is that a double parenthesis? That’s crazy. Inception… The shadow blister effect is another example of millions of years of evolution and how our brains prefer to imagine simple things

Particles detected…

So here you have the results: You can deduced them very easily, 90% boring protons… 🙂 but with a little bit patience (a lot actually) you can see very amazing things: Two electrons Two muons An Alpha particle A Beta particle, not kidding! PD: To capture the photos I configured the camera to keep shooting photos.


I don’t like to write about the same as everybody writes, there is too much redundant information on the Internet. So insted of writing how to buil a cloud chamber (booooring, Guillem. Everybody know what it is): Basically you can have a 30 dollar particle detector in your bedroom, thats is exactly what happens in